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Moving to new internet service, or just plain moving? We get you connected.


…..connect your network to the new system so you can focus on running your business.

…..rebuild your infrastructure in your new location so you can deal with all of the other challenges that come with a move.

… multiple offices together across the internet via VPN and other remote access technologies, such as Remote Desktop, VNC, LogMeIn, and GoToMyPC.

Summary of Services

  • VPN setup and administration
  • Remote access setup – VNC, RDP, Citrix
  • FTP server

Change. It happens. Whether you are moving to a new internet service, or just plain moving, Excelsior Technology Services can assist you in making the transition a much smoother one. From contacting your new ISP (Internet Service Provider) to arrange for minimal downtime, to working with the telecom company to make sure they run that extra data line for your office’s postage machine, we can help ease the burden of change. Downtime is costly, and time is money. By communicating with you and the different people who help make the tech magic happen, Excelsior can greatly decrease the turn-around time on a mission critical change of service or location.

Many companies find themselves with the need to relocate throughout the years. Sometimes it’s a bit of a nightmare coordinating the various vendors and service providers. By scheduling the install date of your internet, and keeping you, the customer, in the loop, we can carefully plan and execute that important connection to the outside world.

Do you have a satellite office on the other end of the state or world? We can extend your network to the remote office, keeping them connected to your important data. Using technologies like VPN, cloud-based file-sharing, and remote desktop sharing, we can tailor a solution to your needs and to those who require offsite access to your infrastructure.

Have you ever tried to email a colleague a file, only to get the ominous “System Undeliverable” bounce-back message? Sometimes we need to share files with people who are not in our organization. As the computer industry moves forward, these files become larger and larger as our capabilities increase. Emailing such large, complex files has become a problem for many users. cloud-based file-sharing is one of the ways to circumvent these shortcomings. For little or no monthly cost, you can use services like dropbox, SpiderOak, and Google Drive. These allow you to store files safely and securely, while sharing them with the users of your choice. In today’s connected world, Excelsior can assist you in plugging in and getting it done.

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