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Are you prepared if a flood damages your office? We proactively set your business up with a plan that will minimize downtime.


…..set up offsite and internet based back-up.

…..provide restoration and bare metal recovery services.

… with Symantec System Recovery, NAS, tape back-up, and many more recovery options.

Summary of Services

  • System backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data recovery

Have you ever wondered “What If?”? What if the server drops dead? What if the building burns down? What if the zombie apocalypse happens? Well, if zombies hit town, there will be more important things to think about… However, if more realistic disasters occur, we can help!

Excelsior Technology Services provides many solutions that can proactively assist your company in planning for a worst-case scenario. Your stuff can be replaced, but what about your data? Most companies keep MANY years’ worth of data on their systems at any given point in time. What happens when it suddenly goes poof?

Sadly, many companies don’t have any kind of plan in place for when the unthinkable happens.

There are many different solutions available:

Tape backup:

Pros - It’s tried and true. There is a reason why it has been a standard in the industry for so many years. Tape is fairly inexpensive, reliable and easily taken off-site for safe storage. Overall, it is a good backup solution.

Cons - It requires some user intervention in changing the tapes out every day, not to mention the examination of the backup logs to determine where the failures are when they arise. Full system recovery requires either similar hardware or the full build and full reload of the server to be recovered before your data is able to be able to be restored.

Online backup:

Pros - Your servers can be connected to a third party internet-based backup service. Because it’s off-site, you have the security and peace of mind knowing that your backed-up data is safe, and encryption keeps it secured from prying eyes. Very little user intervention is required until data recovery is needed. Some online backup services will drop-ship you your data on a hard drive for an extra fee.

Cons – Data recovery tends to be a slow process, and depending on how fast the connection is to the backup service servers, it could mean days or weeks to recover everything that has been lost.

Snapshot-based backup:

Pros – Super fast creation of full and incremental system backups. This variety allows you to perform restoration to virtual machines, or bare metal (dissimilar hardware – unheard of 5-10 years ago). Full system recovery time is hours as opposed to days. As with tape, regular user intervention is required to change backup devices routinely.

Cons – Typically external or portable hard drive devices are more costly than tapes, and are prone to damage if dropped. This can make it less economical than a tape solution.

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