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IT Security

Need to keep your business safe? We set you up with the anti-virus and anti-spyware technology to keep your systems and data secure.


…..use the most current and effective technology to keep your business protected.

Summary of Services

  • Sonicwall
  • Cisco
  • Antivirus:Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee

Viruses. Malware. Spyware. Hackers. These are terms that we have all become familiar with over the last few years. From adding annoying popups to your web browsing sessions to flat out deleting your data, there are dangers lurking about - and wherever you have a system with an unsecured internet connection, you become exposed.

In order to keep your business data safe, you need various mechanisms in place to safeguard your privacy and digital security. At Excelsior Technology Services, we take that task VERY seriously. That’s why we offer numerous services to achieve this end.

From installing the latest security updates to reviewing and recommending changes to your current security policies, we can help protect your network from the sometimes less than secure connected world.

Services include:

-Encrypting wifi networks

-Installing and configuring your router, firewall and security appliances

-Ensuring your systems are up to date and patched

-Installing the latest antivirus and antispyware software

-Examining and cleaning of malware infected devices

-Periodic testing of network security

-Integrating spam filtration and email virus scanning services

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