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Can’t justify hiring full-time IT staff? We provide on demand IT support, as needed, or on contract.


… you set up a system from scratch – step-by-step, we walk you through the process to create a customized infrastructure that’s right for you and your business.

… with your existing infrastructure –expanding upon it to anticipate future needs.

…..provide a Technology Assessment – by monitoring your system and inventorying your equipment, we can recommend improvements to your existing infrastructure to make your business more efficient.

Summary of Services

  • Virus/Spyware Removal& Prevention
  • Full User Management and Server Administration
  • Peer to Peer Networks
  • Server Based Networks
  • Network Hardware Installation & Configuration
  • Copier/Multifunction Integration – Scanning & Printing

Technology – it’s EVERYWHERE. And it’s present in every aspect of our professional lives in some shape or form, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, printer, copier, or any number of other gadgets that allow us to do our work. That being said, it is safe to say that every company that exists today either currently has IT assistance or will need it at some point.

Most companies, however, are not suited to hiring their own full-time IT staff. Maybe the organization is small, or not busy enough to warrant the employment of a full-time technology worker.

That’s where Excelsior Technology Services comes in. We excel at providing the technology support that all companies need, specializing in the small to medium-sized business sector. Whether your organization has one computer or one hundred, we deliver the quality assistance that you seek. At Excelsior we pride ourselves on working directly with our clients face to face in order to furnish tech solutions that get results.

Many of the clients that we work with have sought us out because they were simply not happy with how they, or their tech issues, were addressed. We take the quality of our work personally – we treat each system that we touch as if it were our own, and we interact with everyone in an honest and courteous manner.

Excelsior Can:

-Remotely monitor and administer your network servers, workstations, internal services and manage users

-Connect your myriad of devices for use

-Perform inventories of your equipment

-Provide recommendations and action plans for new technologies

-Upgrade your infrastructure and work with third party software and hardware vendors on your behalf

-Provide, install and configure your organization’s entire network hardware and computer equipment

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