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Want to keep all of your devices connected? We install, configure and administer Microsoft Exchange.


…..efficiently configure all of your mobile devices to access your data when you are not in the office so that when you’re on the go, you can stay on the go.

Summary of Services

  • Smartphone and tablet integration:iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.
  • Hosted Exchange migrations

Email… it’s a resource that we use. Every. Single. Day.

Whether it is to ask your aunt what to bring to the latest round of family get-togethers, or to receive that important roof repair quote from the contractor, we rely upon that ability to communicate with the outside world instantly – constantly. Now, with the ever-connected world of smartphones, tablets and laptops, we find ourselves even more dependent upon our messaging capabilities. This extends to our business communications. And given that current society has deemed electronic forms of communication not only indispensable, but also legally binding, we cannot afford any downtime.

That is why Excelsior Technology Services offers so many options to its customers.

From in-house servers powered by Microsoft Exchange to cloud-based Hosted Exchange and business grade archiving services, we have the answer to your ever expanding messaging needs.

If you want an always up-to-date, secure email system that requires little to no maintenance on your part, then a Hosted Exchange solution may be right for you. The Host automatically maintains, backs up, and upgrades your service as the technology moves forward. System security features like virus scanning and spam filtration, along with mobile device synchronization, and secure web mail are all available at no extra charge. This means that you are able to use your time to manage your business, not backups, restorations and troubleshooting your mail system… all for a low monthly fee per mailbox.

For those clients who want to be able to manage their own mail systems in-house, we have numerous exchange-based server system options, for one time purchase, and no monthly fees.

However you decide to go about it, Excelsior has an option that will fit your organization, and will always keep you connected.

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