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Using legacy technology? We virtualize and preserve various legacy technologies that no longer have main stream support available.


… you continue to use your legacy system, whether you need to be able to access historical data, don’t have the capital to retrain on a new system, or can’t take it out of service because it requires constant availability.

Summary of Services

  • Virtualization both from scratch and physical-to-virtual:VMware & Hyper-V, Emulation

Virtualization - The creation of a virtual computer or multiple virtual computers that run on a single physical machine as a separate series of systems, independent of each other.

It sounds like the subject matter of a summertime sci-fi blockbuster. In actuality, it has become one of the most popular trends in business computing, and with good reason. Whether you're trying to save that old failing DOS accounting system from its inevitable hardware failure, or deciding to consolidate your email, accounting systems, and file storage servers into one physical computer; virtualization can save big money and time. By running all of these separate systems on fewer pieces of hardware, your organization can save money on electricity, physical space in your offices, and hardware replacement costs!

Why virtualization?

By the numbers:

-Electricity: Power costs are lower due to fewer physical servers or workstations. For every system that you can virtualize, that is one less physical machine to pay the power company for. Also, a server tends to put out some serious heat. By reducing the number of physical servers in your organization, your office cooling needs also decrease.

-Elbow room: Servers are not the smallest of computer devices. Most are a minimum of 2-3 times larger than a large tower PC. For each virtual replacement, you are regaining precious square footage.

-Can’t let go: We all have had older systems that we couldn’t bear to replace until long after their viable lifespan. Some systems are just too darn important to your internal day to day business life. Some of these systems won’t run on the current version of Windows, others cannot run on newer hardware. What do you do with a product that is indispensable but unable to be recreated if it finally decides to retire to the giant datacenter in the sky? You virtualize. Virtualization often extends the usable lifetime of an application or service that your company cannot afford to live without.

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